JohnJohn Hayden, AKA-Haydo, has been building and working from his Eimeo contemporary kilnforming glass studio since moving there from Moranbah in 2002. His practise has been sporadic due to other commitments over the last decade. His recent "FREEDOM" contemporary kilnformed glass exhibition held in the Loft at Mackay Motorcycles is used to close the chapter on this period of learning and experimenting and to celebrate a new period of refinement.

John would like to invite you to follow his progress with this seductive material from this site. Through attending workshops organised by Ausglass at 2003 (Perth, AUS) and 2005 (Adelaide, AUS) conferences with artists Marc Grunsiet, Emma Camden and Jessica Loughlin, reading post after post on Brad Walker's bulliten board and being drawn to the challenges of working out a new procedure he feels that it is only now that he is at the beginning of understanding glass. John knows that a workshop at the start of this new period with abstract painting artist Ben Stack will help him to find balance in new work.