Chasing a technique.

My time with glass over the years has been sporadic, interruptions due to the course of life. The frustration of having to put things on hold time and again truly tested me. Failures over this time kept me interested, as they made me question where I could take them, to make them my own. Testing all different means to solve the mystery of the crackle technique most likely is the one thing that whetted my appetite for nutting things out. My process is over engineered and with out a doubt very different to Bob’s technique. I’m happy that the method allows me to control radiating cracks from any given point on a piece. Even though I only have it as background on one serious work, I know I can return to it later.

The bubble in a block of glass is getting easier. At the moment the blocks being developed are constructed of sheet glass and fired only once. This appeals to me very much. Once “Thoughts of a Madman.”, is dealt with I look forward to the next period in the studio working on more complex bubble blocks incorporating pattern being stretched, solid multi  layered blocks and heavy bottomed containers for precious items. I’m excited to have all of this ahead of me along with other ideas that have me intrigued.

This has everything to do about sound advise that I’ve read about and also very sound advise told to me by a business man from Perth in 2003. First was all about finding your own unique technique, style and the second was to choose a market and stick to it. One can always be positive if there is a revised plan B.




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