Bucket list.

“Thoughts of a Madman” piece being produced at the moment is not a whimsical thing being thrown together just to enter it for consideration into the last Ranamok Glass Prize. It is something that I’ve pushed for, for over a decade. It just happens to be now that I’m ready. I get to tick the box if accepted into the exhibition for the finalists but will accept just getting images to the jurors on time.

My family are behind me, not for this moment but for whole journey that brings me here to a position where I can dare to put myself up against the very best in Australia , New Zealand and any international artist doing residency/study within these two countries. My wife and best mate, Maree, is my harshest critic and biggest supporter. My eldest son, Shannon, throws me ideas,challenges and deals with kiln controllers and website and youngest son, Reece, is waiting to do his bit later. My sisters, Clare and Louise, want only the best for me as they are the ones who have known me longest and my desire to be an artist in some form.

So now all that there is to do is return safely from Nauru and ease back into my studio to complete the last four elements and tidy up the rest before trying to get the very best images. Easy, because it’s where I feel most comfortable.

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